I’m Elianna Zhou, a young engineer who is on her way to explore the life and the world, to taste the sweet and the bitter and to share what she reads and what she thinks.

I’ve lived in South Korea, China and France. Majored in Human Computer Interaction and Multi-disciplinary Engineering. Mainly involved in professional functions of IT product management, digital marketing, web analytics and e-commerce. Switching between cultures and domains gave me special perspective of how things collide, interact, merge with each other and finally lead to a delicate result, like the Chinese hotpot, the Korean bibimbap and the French ratatouille.

I love to spend hours reading, and then spend a few more hours reflecting on things that I’ve read. With this blog I want to share with you my first-hand experience and knowledge on marketing, products and analytics, my reflections on cultures and life. Above all I want to share with you good spirits of exploring and loving.

“Life is an adventure. A little curiosity will help you get the best out of it.”