Why should you tell part of the story? July 15, 2016

Early 2016, I had an opportunity to introduce web analytics to a group of business executives in the company. I just took my new role as digitisation evangelist and was eager to build up my credits. The meeting room was filled with suited up Korean managers in their late 50s. Everything was still, without a … Read more

Lessons learnt from our first business: stay open to serendipity July 12, 2016

My husband and I have been working on a side project recently. At first we wanted to generate some revenue so we could afford the Leica camera which he had been longing for years. Then one thing led to another, and we decided to put his engineering knowledge and my internet skill into use so … Read more

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Why we need mental models in life July 8, 2016

I was reading the book Doing Data Science this morning. There was a small section about probability distribution where I came across the picture in the banner. The purpose of the picture, the author wrote “to remind that they only have names because someone observed them enough times to think they deserved names.” Then she … Read more

Criteria that help you to choose the right web analytics tool without headache July 6, 2016

There are endless debates on choosing the right tool for web analytics. Some argue that a free Google Analytics account is more than capable of taking care of the daily jobs, while others are worried about its accuracy and the privacy issues. I definitely don’t want to add more fuels to these debates. Both sides … Read more

The true value of web analytics to digital marketers July 5, 2016

In the management world, there is an old adage “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” For digital marketers a slight switch to this might be more accurate “If you can’t measure it, you won’t get budget for it.” Since I started my career in digital marketing, I constantly heard marketing fellows complaining … Read more

A life lesson that an art student taught me today July 4, 2016

Today I was invited by my sister-in-law to a graduation exhibition of her design school at Lille. It was a simple setup: each graduate took an empty class, and introduced his or her project to the visitors. To my great surprise, the exhibited projects were not, by common standard, good art works. They were intriguing, but … Read more